How To Lay Sod – DIY Tips

Laying sod can be easy to do yourself, especially if you follow our preparation tips

You will want to begin by lightly watering the area that will be sodded about 2 days prior to your sod delivery/installation date. In addition to this, it is best to scatter a pre-plant fertilizer on the bare soil to help the sod root and stay healthier.

Once you have your sod you will want to find the longest straight edge in the area and unroll the sod (you also need to make sure that your area is completely level). This will provide a starting point for the rest of the project. 

When installing the sod, you will want to rake away any footprints in the soil and pat down the sod to ensure that there are no air pockets. You might need to cut the remaining rows of sod so that they can fit better around edges. Staggering placements of sod (as if you were laying bricks) can also help your lawn look more uniform.

Once your lawn is installed, you will want to follow the best practices for watering so your sod can root properly.

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