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Long lasting and resilient, our sod blend has been perfected for Northern California’s climate and is great for the shade or sun.

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Grown with drought tolerant Fescue and Bluegrass, our sod stays green year-round and is perfect for home lawns.
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Grown with care, our sod blend is both lush and durable; able to withstand the wear and tear from pets and kids.

90% Fescue; 10% Bluegrass

Our most popular grass is a blend of Fescue and Bluegrass which maintains its dark green color the entire year. Our sod has a medium leaf blade, is disease resistant & shade tolerant, and has a deep root system for drought tolerance.

Drought Tolerance
Disease Resistance
Wear Resistance
Shade Tolerance
Winter Color
Heat Tolerance

Ideal for Northern California's Climate

Our mix of Fescue and Bluegrass is easy to take care of and is adapted to the varied climates and soil types of the Northwest, making it an ideal blend for Northern California. All of our grass is matured for a full year and is cut to order upon your request.

Kid and Pet Friendly ​

Having kids & pets and having a nice lawn aren’t mutually exclusive. Playful kids and dogs don’t have to spell doom for a well-groomed yard. Our sod blend can withstand the constant wear and tear, so your lawn can stay looking fresh for longer.

boy chasing dog on green grass

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